Karen Howell, Massage Therapist in Wokingham

Deep tissue massage, holistic massage, reflexology and aromatherapy therapist

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1994 Anatomy and Physiology and Remedial Massage ITEC
1995 Reflexology ITEC
2003 Deep Tissue Course Holos School of Massage
2019 Cognitive Behavioural Life Coach
2020 Palpatory Assessment and Myofascial Release

What influenced you to study and practice deep tissue massage, holistic massage, reflexology and aromatherapy?

I have been a massage therapist for 25 years. Helping people feel better mentally and physically through my treatments is incredibly motivating and rewarding
My background is wellbeing in the corporate world and so I have extensive experience in musculoskeletal issues created by sitting hunching in front of screens . I can offer preventative advice regarding many disorders caused by IT use. I also have extensive experience in treating sports and fitness ailments whether from cycling, running or gym work. Massage is a great way to manage and stay on top of muscular problems instead of them becoming problematic and then interfering with the all important training!. I consider my treatments an integral part of my maintaining a healthy mind and body. The aim is to keep you fit and healthy, not wait until you have developed problems. Although I primarily am a remedial massage therapist, I also offer a range of complementary therapies including reflexology, aromatherapy and holistic massages for balance and relaxation.

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  • Jenny M
    Called last minute late on a Friday evening, and was given an appointment the very next day. Matt was incredibly helpful as I have never had a pregnancy massage and was a little nervous. Having had a migraine for over a week, I hoped a massage would help! Karen was AMAZING. I felt totally at ease and the massage was exactly what I needed. My migraine disappeared and I felt like a different person! Genuinely the best massage I've had in years - I live over an hour away and have already booked in for my second visit in two weeks time. Thank you Matt & Karen!
    Jenny M
  • Ellie L, Wokingham
    Karen Howell is AMAZING! Her massage was lovely and she will focus on problem areas and really work them in the best way. Extremely satisfying massage, definitely going again.
    Ellie L, Wokingham
karen howell, massage, therapist, reflexology, masseur, wokingham

Where did you study deep tissue massage, reflexology and aromatherapy?

I have trained consistently over my career at colleges in London, Reading and Maidenhead. The most recent being a course at the London School of Sports massage on fascial therapy given by an osteopath who was an olympic athlete.

What is your treatment style?

My style is a combination of extensive experience, a holistic approach to mental and physical health and an intuitive feel for underlying issues as well as those presented by the clients. This holistic approach means I am happy to combine therapies for example deep tissue massage with reflexology for a complete mind and body experience.

Can you tell us something about yourself?

I am really excited to be working alongside Keri and Matt and hope to complement their experience and expertise with my different skillset and knowledge. Between us we can cover a multitude of issues that clients may experience and I hope to add an extra dimension to the service offered by the Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage Clinic

To book in with Karen for a Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage, or Reflexology Treatment please call 0118 380 0385, Book Online or visit the Contact Us page