Remote DSE Assessments

Remote DSE Assessments

A very large portion of the patients attending the Wokingham Osteopaths clinic are in the IT industry. The general working habits of the UK’s IT workforce are currently being challenged, hopefully for the better.

At the time of writing this webpage we are at the beginning of the world’s biggest home-working experiment ever, one that, if successful, will likely change our working practices into remote working permanently.

In the office, many companies spend a great deal on ensuring that the employees are comfortable at their desks. Either online assessments, in-house assessors or musculoskeletal experts like us are called in. However, with the exodus from the office to minimise contact with the COVID virus, most people are most likely either working from their sofa with their laptop on their lap or from the kitchen table on a non-adjustable chair.

Under the DSE Act (1991) every employee using a screen for more than an hour a day should be their workplace assessed. With our remote DSE assessment service, the employer can rest assured that their staff can work comfortably without the distraction of musculoskeletal pain.

During the remote DSE, we can contact the staff member via a video chat service and review their ergonomic setup in order to recommend equipment. This is performed with the goal of improving their posture, thereby reducing the impact of their new workstation area, however long they may be working there.

Each report consists of around a half hour conversation, more if they have a pre-existing case history and a typed report for the company’s HR record.

To book a Remote DSE Assessment for yourself or your staff please call 0118 380 0385