Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a type of massage that can alleviate pain caused by too much physical activity. It was originally developed to treat athletes and help them to prevent and relieve injuries during their training , but both athletes and non-athletes can gain benefits from receiving sports massage therapy.

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What is sports massage?

Sports massage is a type of massage originally designed to assist in athletic people improve their performance during their sports, although you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit. In today’s world of office work and sitting at desks for hours on end, our muscles can suffer as they shorten and lengthen depending on your computer chair and desk.

Sports massage can help to restore function to muscles and tendons in the bodies of clients, suitable for people with injuries, stiff joints and restricted range of motion and chronic musculoskeletal issues.

What does sports massage consist of?

During a sports massage the therapist uses a variety of techniques with the aim of stimulating blood circulation and lymph fluids, plus breaking down knots in the muscles (also known as adhesions) and stretching to reset the resting length of the identified problematic muscle. As muscles that cross a painful joint relax, they release the joint and can increase the range of motion of that joint.


Sports massage therapy is not meant to be painful but can be slightly uncomfortable, especially when the therapist is working on a sensitive and problematic area.

The therapist (in this case, Lara) assesses the client’s posture during the initial consultation and is able to note the changes during the treatment. Lara uses wax on her clients which allows her to glide over the sore muscles, feels absolutely fantastic and is nicely absorbed by the skin after the massage.

Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Reduce muscle tension and muscular pain

  • Increase joint range of motion

  • Decreasing muscle stiffness and soreness

  • Improve recovery time post injury

  • Reduce of physical and psychological stress levels

  • Sleep quantity and quality may be improved

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