Holistic Massage

What is Holistic Massage?

As the name suggests this is a complete mind-body-spirit therapy. Where other massage treatments focus on the musculoskeletal system alone, holistic massage aims to treat the mind and body as one. We are all now much more aware of the effect that ongoing stress has on our mental and physical health. Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed has a direct impact on our nervous systems. Our body responds with a flood of hormones that over prolonged periods can have a major effect on our mental and physical health. It can leave us susceptible to illness and lower our immunity.

Holistic massage combats stress in the physical body by relaxing tense muscles and improving blood and lymphatic flow. Mental wellbeing is improved through the healing power of therapeutic touch. This massage is slow, gentle and rhythmic, giving the patient the time and space to focus only on them. The nurturing, healing feel of a holistic massage promotes a deep sense of peace, relaxation and comfort. It helps the patient to raise awareness of their mental and physical state and to remember how it feels to be rebalanced and at peace.

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What does Holistic Massage consist of?

Tension can become stored in our muscles and makes us feel even more stressed and uncomfortable. This can disrupt sleeping and our normal healthy routines, creating unhelpful patterns of thinking and feeling that are hard to escape. Problem areas such as the neck, shoulders and scalp often react more to stress, becoming tense and increasing the likelihood of tension headaches. By rhythmically massaging areas of tension, a deep sense of peace and relaxation follows. There are many studies now showing the direct impact of stress on our overall health. Reducing stress and focusing on increasing wellbeing has long lasting benefits, boosting immunity and increasing our mental and physical resilience.

The power of therapeutic touch is profound. Holistic massage reduces inflammatory stress hormones, releasing natural endorphins and helps get our bodies’ internal systems back in balance. Whilst the treatment itself is relaxing it also promotes a continuing sense of wellbeing and peace. Often patients do not realise quite how tense they had been until they have reached this state of deep relaxation. Realising this encourages us to slow down and be conscious of the effect of stress on our minds and bodies.

Benefits of Holistic Massage

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  • Increase in energy, both physical and mental

  • Heightened concentration

  • Muscle tension relief

  • Improved circulation

  • Reduce physical and psychological stress levels

  • Sleep quantity and quality may be improved

Holistic Massage


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Holistic Massage


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