Pregnancy can cause a number of musculoskeletal symptoms that affect your every day life, including back pain, neck pain and Sciatica.


As the baby grows, the mother’s centre of gravity shifts forwards, causing extra pressure on the back of the spine as she leans backwards to counterbalance.

This counterbalancing is caused by shortened muscles in the lower back and can place pressure on the nerves in the lower back, resulting in Sciatica.

The shift in centre of gravity, in combination with the extra weight can also cause a shift in walking (gait) pattern, which means that muscles which aren’t normally used are over firing and can cause back pain.

The techniques that we use at Wokingham Osteopaths are safe for mother and child, including a gentle combination of massage, articulation, stretches and sometimes even sports tape in order to relieve our pregnant patients of pregnancy related back pain.

Other pregnancy related conditions that Osteopathy may be able to help to treat include knee and hip pain, symphysis pubis disorder.

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