What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is based in Chinese traditional medicine and dates back thousands of years. It is used to promote balance and wellbeing for mind and body. It is a holistic and non-invasive way of optimising the functioning of the internal body. It is often used to treat disorders of the endocrine, digestive and nervous systems.

As with all holistic therapies, reflexology uses touch and one-to-one time to give the recipient the space to focus on them and their mental and physical wellbeing.

At Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage we offer combinations of therapies and it is possible to add a taster session of reflexology in with another treatment. Whilst a reflexology treatment can give an indication of overall health and highlight problem areas, it is not used to diagnose. Rather, it supports the body to achieve optimal health and can help reduce symptoms of many stress related disorders. Generally after a reflexology treatment the patient feels calm, rebalanced and walking on air.

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What does Reflexology consist of?

After taking the case history, the reflexologist will ask the patient to recline on the treatment couch and place her hands on their feet. Verbal feedback is encouraged in order to help the reflexologist navigate the feet to find problematic areas.

Reflexology views the feet as a map of the whole body including all internal organs. Through massaging and stimulating specific acupressure points or zones in the feet, the whole body receives a treatment. The aim is to help the patient’s body to rebalance, heal and detoxify. It can be used to treat specific ailments such as IBS, migraine, digestive disorders, fertility, hormone imbalances, detoxification, combat stress and aid sleep. It is safe for most people to receive and has few contraindications. During the treatment feedback is helpful from the client to identify areas that may feel sensitive. Often the reflexologist can feel areas with deposits of toxins and use acupressure techniques to break these down and improve blood flow to the feet. Drinking plenty of water after your treatment is advised to minimise detox reactions such as headaches.

Benefits of Reflexology

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  • Reduce muscle tension and muscular pain

  • Increase joint range of motion

  • Decreasing muscle stiffness and soreness

  • Improve recovery time post injury

  • Reduce physical and psychological stress levels

  • Sleep quantity and quality may be improved

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