Hip Pain

Causes of hip pain

The hips are ball and socket weight bearing joints. Pain in the hips can be a symptom of knee issues, whereby the hip muscles compensate and cause tension and strain the muscles. Hip pain can also be caused by referral from the lower back where the nerves running down the back of the leg can have pressure placed upon them, or posterior hip muscles can guard against a traumatic injury and reduce hip mobility as well as cause discomfort.

In the Wokingham Osteopaths clinic we have seen patients with hip pain from many different causes; from arthritic and degenerative hips to spasms from kicking a football against a wall for 4 hours straight.

Hip joint health can be maintained by regular stretching of the lower back and hip muscles, not sitting in one position for too long especially if you are a desk worker, regular exercise and massage.

Symptoms of hip pain

For patients experiencing hip pain, the symptoms can manifest in many different ways including
  • Hip muscle stiffness
  • Pain running into one or both hips
  • Discomfort weight bearing on one or both leg
  • Gluteal pain

How Wokingham Osteopaths can help your hip pain

After discussing your case history, going through a physical examination and taking into account which of the above factors may be playing a role in your current condition, your osteopath will discuss the diagnosis with you before treatment.

Wokingham Osteopaths utilise a gentle combination of massage, articulation, stretches and manipulation (with consent) in order to relieve our patients of back pain.

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