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Treating back pain, neck pain, Sciatica, shoulder pain and many more conditions.

Our goal at Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage is to offer patients quality osteopathic care and massage therapy in a warm and inviting setting. Through the provision of individualised treatment plans that are intended to be efficient, effective, and inexpensive, we are committed to assisting people in realising their full physical potential.

We equip our patients with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to preserve optimal function and enhance their lives while encouraging them to actively participate in their own health and welfare. We are dedicated to providing the greatest calibre of care to our community and developing enduring connections with our patients built on respect, integrity, and trust.

Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage is run by Matthew Devonport and Keri Devonport (née Keri Long) who treat patients alongside Alexander Evans and Mo Al-Nabhani, all fully qualified and insured osteopaths. All are registered with the General Osteopathic Council. Matthew, Keri and Mo are registered with the Institute of Osteopathy.

Osteopathy is a system of healthcare that treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, Sciatica and many more conditions. We use a variety of techniques including soft tissue massage, articulations, manipulations, stretches, exercise prescription and kinesiology taping and more.

Suzy Holmes-Beddow treats patients using Sports Therapy, a hands-on treatment utilising massage, stretches, taping and intense exercise prescription programmes to enable patients to rehabilitate their injuries and get back to their fitness goals. Suzy also offers Sports Massage for injury prevention and event preparation.

Our clinic is based at Indigo House, Fishponds Road, Wokingham, RG412GY. More details on how to find us are here.

To book an appointment please click here to book online, call us on 0118 380 0385, email us using the contact form on this page or click the green button at the bottom of the screen to chat via WhatsApp.

Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage
Based on 130 reviews
Judit B.
I found Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage online when I was looking for maternity massage services. From their website they looked professional and feedback looked great too. I started using their services half way through my first pregnancy and I am now regularly visiting Kerry, who has been amazing! I always feel relaxed and refreshed after a massage and feel looked after every time. I cannot recommend enough.
Wellington S.
After suffering with leg and hip pain for about 3mths I went to see Matt, glad I did, after 2 visits I am glad to say that I am now pain free, highly recommended, Great service from start to finish.
Kevin B.
Matt treated me after falling off my bike and hurting my shoulder/ribs fitting me in for a first appointment at very short notice with a follow up shortly after for some further treatment. I was in a lot of discomfort, coughing, sitting up and down were excruciatingly painful and in addition I was struggling to sleep due to the discomfort in my back/side. Matt explained what was going on and gave me effective treatment getting to the knub of the problem to relieve the tension/pain also showing me some exercises to do at home. He is really nice and very reassuring. I would highly recommend Matt.
Hayley G.
Had neck pain for many months! Couple of treatments with Matt and I've never felt better thank you
Taylor B.
Amazing customer service, always looks after me when I break my body from work.Instant diagnosis and remedy!Highly recommend to anyone!
Rima G.
Fantastic experience seeing Mo from Wokingham Osteopaths. Having seen the GP and NHS physio and given two differing diagnosis and standard exercises off Google which I did religiously, I was no better off. After months of pain when driving only 5 minutes gave me severe pain and having lost my confidence with physical activity in case I made things worse, I had no choice but to explore other options. Mo listened to my concerns and adapted exercises to suit my body and symptoms. There was a clear focus for what outcomes I wanted which were to drive pain free, be able to feel confident returning to the gym and weight lifting again as well as keeping up with an active 7 year old. Now three - four months on I’m pain free and doing all the things I wanted, with a toolkit of exercises I know I can go back to if symptoms flare again. Do the treatment and have the right exercises from a practitioner that understands your body. Thank you Mo!
Ilona P.
Matt is incredibly friendly and welcoming and very knowledgeable, I always know I'm in safe hands with him. Any issue I have brought to him he has been able to treat and advise on exercises for me to do at home. I highly recommend him!
Halli B.
Biggest game changer in my recovery.After a major unjury in late 2022 where I broke my lower back, I was concerned that my quality of life would never return to what it once was after being warned by doctors. I came to Matt through a recommendation, and to say that I’m glad I took the leap of faith would be an understatement.I had been through various physios, hydro water therapy specialists and more prior to coming to Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage, but when I noticed a true difference, was after having acupuncture and back manipulations through Matt. He really took the time to understand the pain I was experiencing and made sure that he took it slowly so that I wasn’t uncomfortable in anyway.One of the things I’ve always respected about Matt is that when we take time talking through my symptoms, he always ensures I get the full 30 minutes on the table so that I’m getting the absolute most out of both my money and my appointment.Can’t thank you enough Matt!
Robert David D.
I have been a patient of Matthew Davenport at Wokingham Osteopaths and Massage for several years and he has treated me for various conditions over the time such as lower back pain, shoulder blade pain and neck pain. He is highly professional, efficient, effective and friendly so it is always a pleasure to be treated by him. I highly recommend Matthew to you.
Neha G.
Keri Devenport at Wokingham Osteopaths has been absolutely phenomenal and honestly life changing for not just me, but for my newborn daughter. Keri has such a gentle touch, she is so caring and patience with her clients. She helped with my daughter by cranial osteopath work and helped my daughter finally latch allowing me to breastfeed. Would highly recommend Keri to everyone. She is absolutely amazing.
Carol C.
Very professional and confidential service from beginning to end.My shoulder pain was diagnosed and treated successfully within 3 months with recommendations for ongoing exercises to maintain full movement.
Peter G.
I am very happy to give five stars for the treatment by Matt at Wokingham Osteopaths and Massage.I had been suffering with va bad back muscular pain. After a few sessions I can confirm that I actually feel better than before I injured myself. My mobility is a lot better now and I will continue to visit to help keep mobile and reduce the risk of future issues.Thank you Matt for your patience and skill.
Antonia M.
Keri was super informative & attentive to our session, we had such an enjoyable experience. Our daughter was relaxed and comforted in her presence with her gentle touch and skills. Keri also observed and supported a feed afterwards so we left with tons more confidence and felt very supported as we continue on our feeding journey.
Maryrose R.
Matt and Alex have been amazing. When I first contacted Matt I was in chronic pain in my lower back, hip and half of my left leg was numb. I was in tears with the pain; it was worse than childbirth. Matt quickly understood the level of pain I was in and got me an appointment the same day. Matt and Alex have a complete understanding of the working body, treating the problem at the source, not just the symptom locations, working at the level my body could cope with in each session. They manipulated and massaged me, and I'm now clear of pain and have a fully functioning body again. I'm so grateful for their knowledge and capability, and I strongly recommend them.
I had been through 20+ sessions with a chiropractor clinic and it damaged my back. I saw Matt & after 2 sessions i returned to full health. Would highly recommend, Matt is a legend. Not often you see professions put people over profit.
abbey D.
I highly recommend Matt, he made me feel welcome and asked lots of questions to get to know me and my problem. Matt explained everything he was doing and how it works so i understood what was happening. Once i was straightened out and feeling good again Matt was honest and said i didnt need to go anymore but hes always there if i feel like i do. Thanks again Matt.
Lindsay W.
I have been struggling with neck pain for just over 10 years following a car accident. Mo at Wokingham Osteopaths has helped to reduce the pain and increase the movement I have in my neck. It has not felt this good since I started suffering 10years ago. Mo is the first person to listen and not just write me off because I have a desk job, which yes is part of it but he listened to recognise it was not just that. Thank you Mo!
Stanley L.
I have Sarcoidosis that very often causes the muscles and tendons in different joints to become extremely painful. The last event was my shoulder that got so bad that I could not sleep. I tried different doctors and physios all without luck for 2 months. Eventually I saw Mo and within 2 sessions my should was 90% improved. I will now only go see him, and can highly recommend him.
Bobby-Lee W.
As a Fibromyalgia sufferer it is difficult to find a treatment and clinician that can help, Matt at Wokingham Osteopath and Massage listened to me and respected the fact that fibro sufferers expirance pain differently to most unaffected people.Matt managed to fit me in while I was in crises with a server fibro flare-up nearly a year ago and helped me get back to a manageable state after a few treatments. I now see Matt for maintenance and would not consider seeing anyone else out of Wokingham Osteopath and Massage.Matt and his team are friendly, respectful, and patient focused.Thank you Matt for giving me my life back!!
Rebecca E.
I was recommended Alex's services after I'd had a head injury due to an accident which left me with limited breathing through my nose, a stiff neck and various other areas of pain and swelling. I was able to get a 'same day' appointment and there was a noticeable improvement in my breathing and neck after the first appointment.I highly recommend Alex as I felt comfortable during the consultation and treatment and I am now well on the way to recovery thanks to his services.
Tom L.
I have found Matt's service at Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage to be efficient, professional, respectful and most importantly - effective. I am happy to recommend him and his colleagues to anyone struggling with back or hip injuries or aches!
Francesca M.
We had a really good experience with Kerri in treating my baby boy. She was very knowledgeable and he warmed to her straight away. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Wokingham Osteopaths with any future treatment needs.
Csaba T.
I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Mo and Matt!I have been suffering with panic attacks/anxiety for months due to long covid, side affects of a beta blocker and as a result great tension builded up in pretty much all the muscles especially my neck/legs.I started with my journey with a chiropractor but after 7-8 sessions I had no improvement at all.After that I found the clinic via google so reached out to Matt and he offered help, was able to book me in with Mo for the next day!I had about 4-5 sessions by now and my condition significantly improved.These guys are really professional, friendly and I always feel comfortable/relaxed when visiting them.I would give 10 stars and once again thank you for Mo and the team!
Katherine H.
Took my 8 week old baby here for massage and treatment, and have had good results from the two sessions, she’s more content and happy. Many thanks!!
Susan D.
Such a great practice.Matt fitted me in so he could help to relieve my severe back pain as soon as possible. He then gave me gentle exercises in between visits and by the 2nd appointment I was already able to move much easier and with a significant reduction in pain.My pain is almost gone but I know I can phone up and will be seen as soon as possible.
Clint R.
Just want to say thank you Marh for a great job taking away my pain in just 2 sessions. I went in with severe back pain which I have been suffering from for a few years, I have seen a few different clinics. And they never really stopped the pain. sometimes I’m able to walk on my own, and it took Math 2 sessions 5 days apart and bye the 6 day, i felt like a new man.Big respect to Math @ Wickingham, Osteopaths & Massages for a great job 👏 very informative, friendly, and I believe affordable, in the end, what matters most When you’re in pain is to get relief 💯. Thanks so much:
David F.
I had my treatment with Mo who was engaging and knowledgeable. He identified my issues immediately and by the end of my first treatment, I was largely pain free. The amazing thing was that I remained pain free for days afterwards.I’d highly recommend the team at Wokingham Osteopaths and Massage.
Natalie M.
Cannot recommend enough so far!I’m suffering with sciatica on the back of a diagnosis of stenosis and facet joint syndrome and waiting for further diagnostic investigations with a 12-24 month NHS waiting list. I have been for 2 sessions so far with Alex and I can now lie on my back without my knees being bent. It is making an enormous difference in easing the constant pain particular at night.
Emma T.
Couldn't recommend a more professional and friendly osteopath! My whole family's been treated at one time or another with nothing but glowing reviews😊
Dr Saqib C.
so where should I start from... Matt has been absolutely spectacular as a professional and passionate osteopath with utmost care and treatment focused attention on his patients. I initially went for my back ache and sciatic pain as I have a chronic sacral vertebral issue. After a few sessions (literally like two session fortnight apart) my back was brand new. Then as a sportsman and a doctor myself, things never stop ... shoulder spur along with neck and then again the solution was Matt and his magical osteopathy. For the last one year, I have been visiting here sometimes once a month and if I need proper MOT done then even fortnightly and I can assure the readers that this family run business is awesome. My wife has had wonders with Kerry in terms of relieving her frozen shoulder which in medical terms cannot be thawed before 12-18 months and here is my wife with frozen shoulder started to thaw in 3-4 months and perfectly able to lift her hand and do stuff within 6-8 months. I would highly recommend them as osteopaths. Good, High skill Osteopaths are hard to find and we are lucky to have them here in Wokingham. Thank you Matt, Kerry and your team for being so wonderful every time.
Hannah W.
Excellent osteopathy clinic. Matt sought to find a diagnosis for my discomfort. After having seen numerous other osteopaths/physios/massage therapists all massaging out a shoulder muscle for Matt to determine it’s a rib and it one session solve the issue! Incredible skills and excellent service. Highly recommended!
Martin C.
Very impressed with the initial consultation, their professionalism, and most importantly the treatment. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Matt took charge of my years old neck & shoulder pains and has lessened the restrictiveness in my neck and eased the uncomfortableness that I have just 'put up' with for years more than I could have imagined. I highly recommend them !!
I seeked Matt’s help after receiving a lower back injury at work. From the first appointment Matt listened to my problem and was committed to help me get back to normal. Throughout the course of the treatment Matt was always on hand to help and offer guidance. The treatment involved a variation of massage, manipulations and home stretches. After about 6 weeks of treatments I was back up and running as normal. I would not hesitate to seek Matt’s help again in the future and would highly recommend Wokingham Osteopaths to anyone who needs it!
Angela R.
I have been seeing Matthew for some years now, my previous osteopath retired. Over the years Matthew has kept my mis-alignments tuned, I may crawl in to the surgery and walk out. As a qualified therapist myself I find we can communicate effectively to get the best possible out come. My family also consult Matthew and Keri.
Emily M.
Keri was very approachable and friendly and listened well to all the issues we had with our son’s feeding. Keri was thorough with her assessment. We would definitely recommend to anyone experiencing breastfeeding problems.
Laura B.
We saw Keri when my little boy was just over 3 months. She helped us identify the issues with his feeding and with gentle coaching and support we were able to continue breastfeeding with confidence. Her feeding knowledge and massage techniques were so helpful for us and I would say that after our appointments my mental health definitely improved. I cannot thank Keri enough for helping my son feel more comfortable and supporting me to keep breastfeeding. I now intend to keep going until he decides he is ready to stop, something I didn't think would be possible before.
Prakuti D.
I highly recommend Matt, I went to him following sciatica and back problems. In just a few visits I felt more myself. Since then my husband has been seeing him and he says Matt has really worked magic on his long-term back and leg problems.
Lou P.
I’ve had 4 trapped nerves in 3 years, seeking help from various different places and professions. Matt was highly recommended to me, so I reached out with trapped nerve number 4. He quickly diagnosed the correct unhappy muscle causing the nerve issue and started working on it. It’s since improved dramatically and I’m able to both sleep throughout the night and move without being in so much pain.I highly recommend Wokingham Osteopath and can’t thank them enough.
Wendy M.
2nd visit to Suzy for a sports massage. She is excellent and is helping me sort out issues with tightness in my muscles. I have booked 2 more appointments and will be visiting her on a regular basis from now on.
Lauren S.
As a wedding photographer with back issues due to a motorsport injury in my 20s, I pretty much owe my career to Matt and the team at this point. Their treatments are incredibly effective for whatever new problem I bring to them, and despite most of my flares being unpredictable, they always make me feel like I'm a priority when trying to find me a slot without much notice.Matt is a superstar, and I enjoy the interesting conversation along with the great osteopathy! In his latest miracle work, my neck 'pinged' and started spasming on Friday morning, I managed to get an appointment within 3 hours, and by Friday afternoon I was on my way to shoot a 2-day wedding. THANK YOU!
Mark R.
Great service from Matt. After a recent neck and back injury, Matt resolved the problem after two sessions.
Amber R.
Keri is a fantastic, caring and considerate osteopath. My 5 month old seemed to have limited mobility in her neck which we felt was preventing her from rolling properly - after a couple of sessions with Keri her neck mobility is much improved and she was rolling straight after! Keri has a gentle, patient approach and takes the time to find out all context and history before treatment. Thank you for your help Keri.
Abbie D.
Matt is a fantastic Osteopath, he put me at ease from the first appointment and quickly identified the root of my issues. We worked together over the next 6 weeks, and I would say I’m pretty much where I want to be now. I will continue to visit every couple of months to ensure I don’t slip back. I absolutely recommend Wokingham Osteopaths, just as they were strongly recommended to me!!
Tracy K.
I cannot recommend Wokingham Osteopaths highly enough. They are a thoroughly professional and helpful team and I have used their services on a number of occasions for my own injuries as well as using them for family and making recommendations to friends.
marion R.
I cannot thank Keri enough for taking me in for severe shoulder and neck pain during my trip to Wokingham.She has been a Life Saver during a very painful and difficult time in my life.I can Wholeheartedly Recommend her!
Elizabeth M.
I've struggled for 35 years with pain management for neck and sciatic injuries sustained in late teens and early twenties. I just wish that I could have found a sports therapy/massage practitioner like Suzy all those years ago to support my rehabilitation. Her professionalism, anatomical knowledge and precision massage techniques have brought immediate and lasting relief during some intense episodes. Her no nonsense, fearless, deep tissue massage treatments, along with her practical rehabilitation advice, have been nothing short of miraculous in helping me permanently break repetitive cycles of chronic pain and take positive steps to strengthen and prevent. Simply can't recommend highly enough for anyone suffering pain in any part of the body.
Hayley S.
Professional and knowledgeable. Kerri and Matt helped with an old back injury that had resurfaced and how to change my habits to keep it fixed. Since my change of job, Matt took over from Kerri due to hours of work, and both have been brilliant with my treatment and easy to get on with. Definitely recommend both Kerri and Matt.
Craig C.
After just 1 session Matt was able to find the problem and reduce the symptoms of pain drastically. Further appointments to follow, in confidence of getting back to normal. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reputable Osteopath.
George R.
Matt is a miracle worker!I had been signed off work for weeks, unable to drive and could barely walk. I’d had countless drs appointments, treatments with a different chiropractor and was on the strongest painkillers possible.Nothing was helping!I reached out to Matt and he called me back within minutes, booked me in the very next day and after just one session things started to feel better and what I had been suffering with for over a month was treated after just 3 sessions.It wasn’t just the treatments that helped my recovery. Matt recommended stretches to do in between appointments and even checked in on WhatsApp to see how I was doing.He is just a lovely, kind, supportive miracle worker with a brilliant sense of humour too!I can’t recommend his services enough
Alex F.
Can’t recommend Matt enough!!!! Friendly, professional and all round just a great experience. No pushing for the next appointment, explained every step and set out a plan of action that suited me. After years of trying different places this is by far the best osteopath I have been too. Thanks Matt!!!
Laura E.
Booked in with Matt as I was struggling with pregnancy sciatica at 37 weeks. Matt was great, so helpful and after just one session the sciatica has really eased. Definitely would recommend! 5 ⭐️
Ian E.
Great sevice from matt and this team would highly recommend them
Graeme C.
Great service, knowledge and expertise from Matt and the team. Catering treatment to specific injuries, led me to a quick recovery!
Zoe A.
Would really recommend - I took my 3 week old baby for some cranial osteopathy sessions and feeding support. Keri was really friendly and very knowledgeable and really supported me on my breastfeeding journey. After 3 sessions, we have got on top of the feeding problems and Keri’s advice and support was invaluable!
Charlotte H.
Highly recommend Wokingham Osteopath. I was awoken at 3am to excruciating pain in my shoulder and thankfully found Alex had an appointment later in the day! Such a friendly, calm experience. Didn’t try and sell me block bookings, only what I needed and no pressure or arm twisting to make me book. Really really pleased with my experience
Franco B.
Excellent. Matt is very knowledgeable, friendly and creates a very relaxed environment, while providing first class service with lots of advice on preventing as much as treating the issue. Would surely recommend to anyone.
Camaron T.
Absolutely brilliant service, Matt is a very friendly and knowledgeable Osteo who helped sort out my back and neck pain. They put me at ease, and addressed not only the issues I was having but also the causes and ways to avoid and deal with these outside of treatment. Would 100% recommend to anyone having any issues with pain mobility or soreness, amazing service.
emma P.
I’ve been visiting Matt for years now, initially for a back complaints but after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis I’ve been under his care again recently. I cannot recommend Matt and his lovely team enough, knowledgeable, professional with lots of follow up care and advice. Thank you!
Louise T.
I saw Keri for my newborn to support our feeding journey with cranial osteopathy and infant feeding support. Keri was brilliant at supporting us - providing real practical advice that we could implement and help with positioning that has made a big difference - would highly recommend.
Dee S
Mathew is amazing, I can 100 % recommend him and his team . 🥰
Radoslav G.
I went there three times within 10 days and my leg problem is gone.Matthew Devonport is brilliant - very educated, skilled and someone you can trust 100% to provide the best treatment.I would highly recommend Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage to anyone.
John M.
Good, knowledgeable, and carefull treatment.
Rob S.
After a very poor nights sleep I awoke with a very stiff neck. Luckily I work only around the corner from Wokingham Osteopaths so I bumped into Matt who managed to squeeze a 15 minute session in for me. How very grateful I was. I now have full rotation in my neck again and feel so relieved. I could not recommend their services enough!
James S.
Just after one treatment my back has been so much better already, Matt is so professional and knowledgeable. I couldn't recommend more.
Carolyn C.
Have been to Wokingham Osteopaths for both Osteopath services as well as sports massage and can honestly say on every occasion i have left feeling more than 100% better… honestly the best.
C W.
I suffered immense neck, shoulder and upper arm pain in the first half of 2021. Working from home for a year then. Could not sleep for days, rolling around in agony and ended up on sick leave as I could not sit still to use mouse or even type. I was taking a cocktail of 12 painkillers, 3 times a day at one point...did not make any impact. Sleep deprived and started to impact mentally I reached out to Matt. He kindly took me on as an acute patient and assigned Alex to look after me. After 2 sessions I was able to get sleep again and pinched nerve in my neck started to ease back in place. I am grateful for the professional help I received, highly recommend the team.
Kayla H.
Matt and the team are amazing! i am a dog groomer and have spent years in pain thinking it was "normal". i can't explain the relief in my upper shoulders and neck after a visit and would reccomend any dog groomer to go! highly reccommend.
Isabelle S.
A few weeks ago, I had extreme back pain that I couldn’t move. Thanks to a recommendation from the gp, I called up to book an emergency osteo session and they were happy to fit me in at short notice same day. After the session I immediately noticed that 50% of the pain was gone. Following some recommended exercises and a few more sessions, my neck and back have never felt better. Thanks Matt for all your help! Highly recommended! I even have my family going for sessions now.
Daniel G
I received treatment from Alex recently, who was very professional and friendly. I already feel so much better and he answered my many questions patiently. I've also seen the massage therapist Karen before who was also really good. Definitely 5 stars!
Louise C.
Matt and Keri are great. Matt really helped sort my back out after I fell whilst heavily pregnant. Great hands on treatment and support during the following weeks. Could not have done it without you. Thank you
Hessan Z.
I have never been to an oestopath before but the guys here really helped me out. Great place that's not trying to milk you for money. My back has been better than ever!
Leigh S.
During lockdown and many months of sitting awkwardly working. I had pain in hip/pelvic area. Matt is like a magician. 2 sessions later and no pain, able to weight bear and sleep soundly. Would highly recommend Wokingham Osteopaths to everyone
jayne C.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this practice or using them again. My appointments were with Alex who was a pleasant and knowledgeable osteopath. You’re certainly in safe hands here
FunMum H.
I arranged an appointment to see Matt and before I walked in the door he made me feel comfortable and at ease! I was nervous going in as the injury I had was on an awkward part. He took his time with me and gave me advice on easy to follow recovery movements. A day after the appointment and I feel a difference and would highly recommend!
Angie C.
I wouldn't go any where else . Mat listens to you. He explains why you are in pain and how he's going to treat it. Mat offers excellent advice on how to manage your condition. The perfect professional with a friendly outgoing personality.
Andrew Robin - known as Robin E.
Thanks Matt & Keri
Kyle M.
Had serious back/upper leg pain for the good part of a year, after seeing doctors, physio's etc I went to see Matt, was given more information and relief in one session than all the other places combined, will be recommending to everyone!
Corrine H.
Thankyou so much what ever you have done is like voodoo magic my back hasnt felt this good in years after only 1 session too. I can move smoothly lol cant wait to wake up 2mrow morning now😁 thankyou so much very much appreciated. I promise I wont do anything stupid with my new found movements 😊
Alex C.
The best Osteopath i have ever experienced. I suffered lower back pain due to an accident and after a few sessions following their advice i was in a much better situation. He is very knowledgeable and works with you to pin point problematic areas and then helps plan the steps to recovery. Each and every time i book in with Matt at Wokingham Osteopaths, i leave feeling so much better then when i arrived. Even during the pandemic, Matt took the necessary steps to make his clinic safe and thankfully i could still visit. Thanks guys!
Jenny M.
Called last minute late on a Friday evening, and was given an appointment the very next day. Matt was incredibly helpful as I have never had a pregnancy massage and was a little nervous. Having had a migraine for over a week, I hoped a massage would help! Karen was AMAZING. I felt totally at ease and the massage was exactly what I needed. My migraine disappeared and I felt like a different person! Genuinely the best massage I've had in years - I live over an hour away and have already booked in for my second visit in two weeks time. Thank you Matt & Karen!
Ellie L.
Karen Howell is AMAZING! Her massage was lovely and she will focus on problem areas and really work them in the best way. Extremely satisfying massage, definitely going again.
Jack W.
I have been visiting Wokingham Osteopaths for nearly 5 years now and can easily say Matt is the best osteopath I have ever visited; and I’ve seen a few!With previous osteopaths I would constantly be visiting and not always feeling 100%. However, at Wokingham Osteopaths there is a clear intention to genuinely help you get better so that you don’t have keep visiting them! From visiting previous osteopaths every other week I now only visit every other month or so despite having a chronic condition and a manual job and active lifestyle.Recently I have also visited Karen for deep tissue massage and was very impressed with how much better I felt after the treatment. I found the treatment really helped my back pain and has had a long lasting effect too!Since visiting Wokingham Osteopaths I have saved so much time and money but most importantly I feel so much better and am able to get back to doing the things I enjoy; free of pain.I would without a doubt recommend visiting them because they are different to any other therapist I’ve seen because they genuinely care for their patients and want you to feel better so that you can start seeing them less to save you money, time and reduce your pain!
Jima W.
I have suffered with sciatica on and off for over 30 years - during lockdown it came back and I could walk no further than 70 yards without falling to my knees or having to sit on the floor ( not great when shopping for essentials!)- this went on for 3 or 4 weeks - only ice packs could relieve any of the pain - when Wokingham Oesteopaths reopened Matt was able go pin point the issue via zoom and the next day treat the issue - each session showed progress even with a knee injury thrown in - just over 6 weeks on an about 5 sessions I can now walk 4 miles without any pain ,can touch my toes as opposed to just about touching my knees and am now only seeing Matt once every three weeks moving to once a month for maintenance - many thanks Matt great job
Peter E.
Matt is a very likeable person as well as being a professional & knowledgeable osteopath. He has always been good at quickly finding the cause of the problem and getting it sorted. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He puts everyone at ease and offers a great service at a reasonable price.
I found Matthew Davenport after my original Osteopath of 12+ years retired and I needed to find his equivalent, which I did when I found Matt. He is kind, patient, peaceful to be around, trustworthy and most importantly of all he is a highly skilled professional. The practice is welcoming and comfortable, easy to access, with the perfect background heavy metal soundtrack I personally enjoy. I have gained such a long term improvement in my mobility and pain because of Matt’s expertise and his empathy does not go unnoticed. The treatments are a priceless gift to me to improve my quality of life, with these treatments running alongside my specialist Rheumatologist and GP care. I refer people to Matt and Keri’s practice and without hesitation recommend their professional practice to everyone.
Nicky V.
Life changing! That's the best way I can describe the result of seeing Matt. I hadn't realised how much my back pain was affecting my life - I was doing less and less because my lower back was so painful, and I'd always been an active person. Matt's enthusiasm and willingless to help shines through. After a thorough consultation Matt set to work, and for me the results were instant. I walked out feeling taller, straighter and pain free. I've seen Matt twice now and will see Matt until my back is doing what it should. My advice - if your back is slowing you down and limiting you don't put it off like I did. After just two visits I truly feel 20 years younger with my mojo switched on again.
Frankie G
After a recurring rugby injury got the better of my shoulder, i visited Wokingham Osteopaths as they're local to where i work. Upon arrival, they were super friendly and made me feel very welcome.Kerri was my Osteopath and went above and beyond what i had expected in terms of treatment and explanation as well as advice for the coming weeks. With time to spare, Kerri managed to treat me with a shoulder AND neck massage as well, to help relieve any accumulated tension during my injury.Fortunately i am already doing better and able to return to training and the gym but I would definitely return again, should i need to.Recommending to all the Rugby boys!!
David Osborne P.
As a professional in health and fitness, I use Matt for as my osteopath. Matt is exceptionally knowledgeable in the human anatomy. As a personal trainer, I often refer clients who need specialised further assistance other than a corrective exercise and rehabilitation exercises to assist them. Matt clearly explains what will happen in any assessment and talks through the results. The facility is clean, and state of the art equipment is available for assessments.
I have recently had a session with Keri due to picking up a very painful back injury. I did not think that after 1 session I would be made to feel so comfortable and pain free! The relief was so fast and so amazing! I can not recommend highly enough! 5 plus stars all the way! Thank you Keri 🙂
Stefan D.
Matthew and Kerri were fantastic. They had me back up and walking and free of pain in just a couple of sessions. Really communicative, both when booking sessions and during consultations. They talk you through what they believe the problem may be and how we can remedy it. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks guys.
Eve F.
I have now been going to Wokingham Osteopaths (and been treated by Matt) for over a year. He has helped me with chronic knee pain, back ache, pain in my neck, painful hips, headaches/migraines and is currently doing some work on my ankle post operation. He's helped me with almost every problem I've had through manipulation, acupuncture, taping and even some lighter work. Not only do I feel comfortable within his company, I am also able to put my trust in him entirely. Would highly recommend, for any pain!!

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