Keri Devonport, Registered Osteopath in Wokingham

Qualifications: BSc Osteopathic Medicine (Hons)

Keri Devonport (née Long) has been living in Wokingham since she was 12 years old and has been practising as an osteopath in Wokingham for 12 years. She has worked in a variety of clinics, including Pangbourne, Reading, Theale and Walton-on-Thames.

What influenced you to study and practice Osteopathy?

My career goals have always been focused around becoming an osteopath. A family member mentioned Osteopathy to me long before the difficult days of any teenager trying to decide what to do with their life. I always knew that an office role would not suit me; this, coupled with my desire to help people led me onto my path of studying Osteopathy.

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Where did you study Osteopathy?

I completed my 4 year degree at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. Being more of ‘small town’ girl rather than a ‘city’ girl, London was a fairly daunting place at first. However, I soon made friends with some great like-minded people, many of whom I still hold dear. BCOM is a well established, well-rounded college of Osteopathy. The student clinic offered a wide range of patient to treat from the very young, to the elderly. This gave me a large amount of experience treatment patients from different backgrounds before I had even graduated!

What is your treatment style?

I utilise both structural and cranial methodologies in my treatments depending on the patient and how they present in the clinic. Frequently I draw on both styles as they naturally compliment each other.

Tell us something about yourself

As you may have already read, I am Matt’s wife. As of April 2018 I have recently come back to work after a year of being a full-time mother to our son, Logan. I am very excited to work alongside Matt and hope my skills can add to, as well as compliment his successful and welcoming clinic.

To book in with Keri for an Osteopathic treatment please call 0118 380 0385 or fill in the form on the Contact page