Health Update

COVID-19 Update

Steps we are taking to protect patients and minimise contact whilst ensuring a thorough and effective osteopathic treatment:

The Clinic Room

  • We are limited patient numbers to five a day.
  • We have purchased new furniture including easily cleaned plastic chairs and plastic carpet protectors that can be mopped or sprayed.
  • We also have wipeable pillow cases, have removed couch covers and are sanitising all surfaces that may be touched during the patient’s visit.
  • We have fitted a door handle attachment to allow us to open the door with a forearm.
  • Therapists now wear PPE during every treatment, including masks, gloves, aprons and eye shields.
  • We have hand sanitiser on site but we encourage you to bring your own to minimise unnecessary contact with surfaces. If you wish to bring any other PPE please feel free to do so.


  • Patients are now requested to wait in their car or outside if arriving more than a couple of minutes before the appointment time and the therapist will come out to bring them in. This minimises contact with the previous patient. On the way into the clinic you will be asked to wash your hands in the kitchenette outside the clinic room.
  • Patients are also requested to fill out the secure COVID screening form that they will receive in the booking reminder email. These are short simple questions about whether you have had any COVID-19 symptoms, or contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. These will need to be filled out in the 24 hours prior to every session in the near future but will be as short as possible.
  • Unfortunately we have had to remove the chairs in the waiting area outside the clinic. These are very difficult to clean and with the new waiting protocols in place patients will not be using these chairs anyway.
  • Please bring in a mask or other face covering, disposable masks can be provided at the cost of £1 per mask if you are unable to bring one of your own. This will be added to your treatment cost at the end of the appointment.


  • We are minimising face-to-face contact during treatment by using techniques that require patients to be face down, seated (facing away) or side-lying.
  • We no longer accept cash payments, patients can pay or prepay via BACS or pay via card machine which is disinfected between patients. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay are highly recommended as they are contactless and have no limit to the payment amount.

It is our sincere hope that these measures will be temporary but in the meantime we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.