COVID-19 Update

Steps we are taking to protect patients and minimise contact whilst ensuring a thorough and effective hands-on treatment:

What precautions are we taking?

Testing positive for COVID-19

As of the 24th February 2022 the government no longer requires the public to self-isolate if they test positive for COVID-19. However it is our clinic policy to protect those that put their trust in our treatment services. As healthcare practitioners our patients’ health and wellbeing is of the the utmost priority. Patients with COVID-19 symptoms who have not tested and those who have tested positive will be asked to wait until they are testing negative to resume treatment. Please inform us at the earliest possible time in order to be able to offer the appointment to other patients requiring treatment.

Mask/PPE wearing

The requirement to wear masks in public has been lifted, however following guidance from Public Health England, the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy we still require patients to wear masks in the clinic. We will also still be following all the same PPE, disinfection and ventilation protocols that we have been for the last two years. This is because we are unable to perform our job and maintain social distancing (our arms just aren’t long enough!) and we are still treating patients who are clinically vulnerable such as the elderly and immuno-compromised so must do our best to protect everyone. Patients must wear a mask to be treated in the clinic, but if this means you do not wish to attend we are happy to help you find another clinic who can treat you. If patients attend a session but leave owing to being asked to wear a mask they will be billed the full amount for that treatment slot as we will be unable to fill that appointment slot at such short notice.

The Clinic Room

  • We are ventilating and sanitising the treatment rooms in the 15 minute gap between patients.
  • We have purchased new furniture including easily cleaned plastic chairs.
  • We also have wipeable pillow cases, have removed couch covers and are sanitising all surfaces that may be touched during the patient’s visit.
  • We have fitted foot handles in the clinic to prevent touching door handles.
  • We have hand sanitiser that we ask patients to use between treatments.


  • Patients are requested to wait in their car or outside the reception if arriving more than a couple of minutes before the appointment time and the therapist will come out to bring them in. This minimises contact with the previous patient and other residents inside the serviced offices in which our clinic is located. In the treatment rooms we offer hand sanitiser (not the horrible slimy stuff!)
  • Patients are required to fill out the COVID screening form that they will receive in the booking reminder email 24 hours prior to the appointment. These are short simple questions about whether you have had any COVID-19 symptoms, or contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19. These will need to be filled out in the 24 hours prior to every session in the near future but will be as short as possible.
  • Please bring in a mask or other face covering, disposable masks can be provided at the cost of £1 per mask if you are unable to bring one of your own. This will be added to your treatment cost at the end of the appointment.


  • We prefer to take payments via card machine which is disinfected between patients. The card limit is now £100 and our machine also takes contactless payments from cards and Apple Pay / Google Pay although we do not accept American Express.