We are able to safely treat a multitude of pregnancy-related symptoms, including but not limited to back pain, hip pain, pubic symphysis disorder and sciatica. We offer osteopathy as well as pregnancy massage.


As the baby grows, the mother’s centre of gravity shifts forwards, causing extra pressure on the back of the spine as she leans backwards to counterbalance.

This counterbalancing is caused by shortened muscles in the lower back and can place pressure on the nerves in the lower back, resulting in Sciatica.

The shift in centre of gravity, in combination with the extra weight can also cause a shift in walking (gait) pattern, which means that muscles which aren’t normally used are over firing and can cause back pain.

The techniques that we use at Wokingham Osteopaths are safe for mother and child, including a gentle combination of massage, articulation, stretches and sometimes even sports tape in order to relieve our pregnant patients of pregnancy related back pain.

pregnant, lady, lower, back, pain, holding, baby
pregnancy, sports, tape, osteopathy, back pain, hip pain

Is Osteopathy safe for treating pregnancy?

Yes, osteopathy is perfectly safe for treating pregnancy. We use a variety of gentle but powerful techniques to help mother and baby. We avoid using manipulations (the short, quick thrusts used to “click” a patient’s spine) as there isn’t enough peer-review research to show it is safe.

As described above, lower back pain is a common symptom which responds very well to our combination of massage, stretching and articulating the problematic joints.

As with all ailments with which our patients present in the clinic, each treatment is bespoke and customised to the patient and their needs. We always give a diagnosis and describe what we would like to do before starting treatment.

Patients normally lie on their back or side, as for pretty obvious reasons they are unable to lie on their front but we also utilise massage chairs to give some space for bump and enable us to treat the patient as if they are lying on their front. Utilising sports tape (otherwise known as kinesiology tape and dependent on the practitioner) is also incredibly useful at helping to help support the lower back.

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