Pregnancy: Baby on board!
pregnant, lady, lower, back, pain, holding, baby
Pregnancy, lower back pain and Sciatica.
February 15, 2017
pregnant, lady, lower, back, pain, holding, baby
Pregnancy, lower back pain and Sciatica.
February 15, 2017

Pregnancy: Bodily changes

Hello and welcome to the Wokingham Osteopaths blog. My name is Keri and I’m Matt’s partner and also an Osteopath, no prizes for guessing how we met! As some of Matt’s existing patients will know, I am 16 weeks pregnant and expecting our first baby in May next year.

Most of the patients I treat are young babies and as such I wanted to document and share with you the changes happening to a woman’s body throughout this exciting time. To do this I will be offering advice and tips about how you might be able to look after your body and what to do if you run into the same difficulties as me.

The first 12 weeks of any pregnancy are always nerve wracking! At this point there are no physical signs (on the outside at least) that you are pregnant at all! Personally I experienced very few “typical” pregnancy symptoms; I had no morning sickness and only very mild and occasional nausea.

I found that during these early weeks I had some intermittent pelvic pain at the end of a long day of treating my own patients courtesy of the peaking levels of Relaxin in my system. Relaxin will soften your ligaments, allowing your body to grow and change shape throughout your pregnancy.

Now at 16 weeks my little bump is becoming more obvious and it’s time to move to either elasticated or maternity trousers and jeans. I’m at that awkward point in pregnancy where people can’t quite tell if I’m pregnant or just had a really big meal, most will be too polite to ask!

If you do experience some back or pelvic pain like me, gentle yoga stretches or even joining a pregnancy yoga class if you have the time is usually a good idea. Alternatively, warm compresses to the lower back can also be helpful. Soaking in hot baths for hours is no longer advisable as it can be dangerous for the baby to be submerged in hot water for too long. Getting your partner to do some gentle massage to your lower back may also help.

For more advice or safe and effective Osteopathic treatment during your pregnancy, contact Matt or Keri at Wokingham Osteopaths on 0118 380 0385.

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