Neck Pain

Causes of neck pain

The neck is an incredibly mobile region of the spine. As a result it is very easy to strain the muscles and compress the nerves, causing immobility and discomfort.

In our Wokingham Osteopaths clinic we have treated patients with neck pain caused by poor posture sitting at their desk or staring at their phone for too long, as well as trauma from car crashes, American Football injuries and even headbanging at metal concerts.

Nerve compression (trapped nerves), muscle spasm, muscle strain, degeneration of the discs or facet joints, visceral referral, intervertebral disc bulges and herniations can all cause the above symptoms and can all be treated by osteopathy according to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

Symptoms of neck pain

Neck pain symptoms can involve
  • Stiffness or immobility on neck movement
  • Pain on movement including taking deep breaths
  • Headaches
  • Upper back referral
  • Shooting pain, pins and needles, weakness and numbness into one or both arms
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How Wokingham Osteopaths can help your neck pain

After discussing your case history, going through a physical examination and taking into account which of the above factors may be playing a role in your current condition, your osteopath will discuss the diagnosis with you before treatment.

Osteopaths at Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage utilise a gentle combination of massage, articulation, stretches and manipulation (with consent) in order to relieve our patients of back pain.

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