Matthew Devonport, Registered Osteopath

Principle Osteopath and Clinic Director at Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage

Matthew Devonport has been working in Wokingham as an osteopath since graduating in 2010. His first clinic was the Dover Body Mechanic in Dover but moved to Wokingham to be with his partner, Keri. As well as Wokingham Osteopaths he runs Office Osteopaths and Visiting Osteopaths for acute patients unable to make it to a clinic.

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What influenced you to study and practice Osteopathy?

My interest in manual therapy began with a combination of parkour and weightlifting which led to two knee issues and a shoulder dislocation, as well as many other musculoskeletal issues.

I saw my osteopath for the first knee problem and was hooked, during my qualification I sought treatment for a second knee problem. After going down the orthopaedic route, I had a consultant exam, MRI scan and operation and was then told nothing more could be done because there was no problem. After my osteopath corrected the issue in two treatments from identifying an imbalance in the knee muscles, I knew what I wanted to do.

Where did you study Osteopathy?

I studied at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (SIOM) in Epsom. It was a small college with only around 100 people over the 4 years but quite full-on. The best thing was that the tutors were a mixture of osteopaths from all of the big universities so we ended up have a very varied education with a lot of different osteopathic styles to choose from.

We had to practice in the student clinic as part of our degree and do at least 1200 clinic hours over the course of the 4 years, including summer holidays, but it was worth it to get the experience necessary for confidence and competence in private practice.

What do Matt’s patients say about him?

Tom L.Tom L. ★★★★★ I have found Matt's service at Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage to be efficient, professional, respectful and most importantly - effective. I am happy to recommend him and his colleagues to anyone struggling with back or hip injuries or aches!Hannah W.Hannah W. ★★★★★ I've been visiting Matt for osteopathic treatment for a few years now, and my experience has been consistently outstanding. Most recently, it was for severe back pain which was addressed quickly. Matt has an exceptional ability to ease pain immediately and also provides his patients with at-home stretches and exercises to ensure long-term benefits. His professional yet friendly approach makes each visit a genuinely pleasant experience. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch osteopathic care! Wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you!Vids RVids R ★★★★☆ I recently visited Matthew for upper back pain and migraine issue. With just one sitting, he alleviated all the pain that I had for sometime. Thanks Matthew.Csaba T.Csaba T. ★★★★★ I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Mo and Matt!I have been suffering with panic attacks/anxiety for months due to long covid, side affects of a beta blocker and as a result great tension builded up in pretty much all the muscles especially my neck/legs.I started with my journey with a chiropractor but after 7-8 sessions I had no improvement at all.After that I found the clinic via google so reached out to Matt and he offered help, was able to book me in with Mo for the next day!I had about 4-5 sessions by now and my condition significantly improved.These guys are really professional, friendly and I always feel comfortable/relaxed when visiting them.I would give 10 stars and once again thank you for Mo and the team!Susan P.Susan P. ★★★★★ Such a great practice.Matt fitted me in so he could help to relieve my severe back pain as soon as possible. He then gave me gentle exercises in between visits and by the 2nd appointment I was already able to move much easier and with a significant reduction in pain.My pain is almost gone but I know I can phone up and will be seen as soon as possible.Clint R.Clint R. ★★★★★ Just want to say thank you Marh for a great job taking away my pain in just 2 sessions. I went in with severe back pain which I have been suffering from for a few years, I have seen a few different clinics. And they never really stopped the pain. sometimes I’m able to walk on my own, and it took Math 2 sessions 5 days apart and bye the 6 day, i felt like a new man.Big respect to Math @ Wickingham, Osteopaths & Massages for a great job 👏 very informative, friendly, and I believe affordable, in the end, what matters most When you’re in pain is to get relief 💯. Thanks so much:Dr Saqib C.Dr Saqib C. ★★★★★ so where should I start from... Matt has been absolutely spectacular as a professional and passionate osteopath with utmost care and treatment focused attention on his patients. I initially went for my back ache and sciatic pain as I have a chronic sacral vertebral issue. After a few sessions (literally like two session fortnight apart) my back was brand new. Then as a sportsman and a doctor myself, things never stop ... shoulder spur along with neck and then again the solution was Matt and his magical osteopathy. For the last one year, I have been visiting here sometimes once a month and if I need proper MOT done then even fortnightly and I can assure the readers that this family run business is awesome. My wife has had wonders with Kerry in terms of relieving her frozen shoulder which in medical terms cannot be thawed before 12-18 months and here is my wife with frozen shoulder started to thaw in 3-4 months and perfectly able to lift her hand and do stuff within 6-8 months. I would highly recommend them as osteopaths. Good, High skill Osteopaths are hard to find and we are lucky to have them here in Wokingham. Thank you Matt, Kerry and your team for being so wonderful every time.Hannah W.Hannah W. ★★★★★ Excellent osteopathy clinic. Matt sought to find a diagnosis for my discomfort. After having seen numerous other osteopaths/physios/massage therapists all massaging out a shoulder muscle for Matt to determine it’s a rib and it one session solve the issue! Incredible skills and excellent service. Highly recommended!Martin C.Martin C. ★★★★★ Very impressed with the initial consultation, their professionalism, and most importantly the treatment. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Matt took charge of my years old neck & shoulder pains and has lessened the restrictiveness in my neck and eased the uncomfortableness that I have just 'put up' with for years more than I could have imagined. I highly recommend them !!DLocklessDLockless ★★★★★ I seeked Matt’s help after receiving a lower back injury at work. From the first appointment Matt listened to my problem and was committed to help me get back to normal. Throughout the course of the treatment Matt was always on hand to help and offer guidance. The treatment involved a variation of massage, manipulations and home stretches. After about 6 weeks of treatments I was back up and running as normal. I would not hesitate to seek Matt’s help again in the future and would highly recommend Wokingham Osteopaths to anyone who needs it!Angela R.Angela R. ★★★★★ I have been seeing Matthew for some years now, my previous osteopath retired. Over the years Matthew has kept my mis-alignments tuned, I may crawl in to the surgery and walk out. As a qualified therapist myself I find we can communicate effectively to get the best possible out come. My family also consult Matthew and Keri.Prakuti D.Prakuti D. ★★★★★ I highly recommend Matt, I went to him following sciatica and back problems. In just a few visits I felt more myself. Since then my husband has been seeing him and he says Matt has really worked magic on his long-term back and leg problems.Lou P.Lou P. ★★★★★ I’ve had 4 trapped nerves in 3 years, seeking help from various different places and professions. Matt was highly recommended to me, so I reached out with trapped nerve number 4. He quickly diagnosed the correct unhappy muscle causing the nerve issue and started working on it. It’s since improved dramatically and I’m able to both sleep throughout the night and move without being in so much pain.I highly recommend Wokingham Osteopath and can’t thank them enough.Lauren S.Lauren S. ★★★★★ As a wedding photographer with back issues due to a motorsport injury in my 20s, I pretty much owe my career to Matt and the team at this point. Their treatments are incredibly effective for whatever new problem I bring to them, and despite most of my flares being unpredictable, they always make me feel like I'm a priority when trying to find me a slot without much notice.Matt is a superstar, and I enjoy the interesting conversation along with the great osteopathy! In his latest miracle work, my neck 'pinged' and started spasming on Friday morning, I managed to get an appointment within 3 hours, and by Friday afternoon I was on my way to shoot a 2-day wedding. THANK YOU!Mark R.Mark R. ★★★★★ Great service from Matt. After a recent neck and back injury, Matt resolved the problem after two sessions.Abbie D.Abbie D. ★★★★★ Matt is a fantastic Osteopath, he put me at ease from the first appointment and quickly identified the root of my issues. We worked together over the next 6 weeks, and I would say I’m pretty much where I want to be now. I will continue to visit every couple of months to ensure I don’t slip back. I absolutely recommend Wokingham Osteopaths, just as they were strongly recommended to me!!Hayley S.Hayley S. ★★★★★ Professional and knowledgeable. Kerri and Matt helped with an old back injury that had resurfaced and how to change my habits to keep it fixed. Since my change of job, Matt took over from Kerri due to hours of work, and both have been brilliant with my treatment and easy to get on with. Definitely recommend both Kerri and Matt.Response from the ownerThanks Hayley, we love being able to work together to be able to bring patients back to health. Glad the back is doing well and happy to help again if you need us. Craig C.Craig C. ★★★★★ After just 1 session Matt was able to find the problem and reduce the symptoms of pain drastically. Further appointments to follow, in confidence of getting back to normal. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reputable Osteopath.Response from the ownerThanks for your review Craig, we love being able to provide effective treatments and helping patients understand what's going on with their bodies so they can keep an eye on what's going on and minimise the chance of the pain recurring. Hope you're keeping up with the exercises! All the best, Matt George R.George R. ★★★★★ Matt is a miracle worker!I had been signed off work for weeks, unable to drive and could barely walk. I’d had countless drs appointments, treatments with a different chiropractor and was on the strongest painkillers possible.Nothing was helping!I reached out to Matt and he called me back within minutes, booked me in the very next day and after just one session things started to feel better and what I had been suffering with for over a month was treated after just 3 sessions.It wasn’t just the treatments that helped my recovery. Matt recommended stretches to do in between appointments and even checked in on WhatsApp to see how I was doing.He is just a lovely, kind, supportive miracle worker with a brilliant sense of humour too!I can’t recommend his services enoughAlex F.Alex F. ★★★★★ Can’t recommend Matt enough!!!! Friendly, professional and all round just a great experience. No pushing for the next appointment, explained every step and set out a plan of action that suited me. After years of trying different places this is by far the best osteopath I have been too. Thanks Matt!!!Response from the ownerHi Alex, thanks so much for the kind words. We pride ourselves in patient education so they can live their lives without too much help from us, that's what all good healthcare providers should do of course. Hope you and the family are well, see you next time, Matt Laura E.Laura E. ★★★★★ Booked in with Matt as I was struggling with pregnancy sciatica at 37 weeks. Matt was great, so helpful and after just one session the sciatica has really eased. Definitely would recommend! 5 ⭐️Response from the ownerHi Laura, thanks for your review, pregnancy can really do a number on the human spine but with a bit of gentle work a lot of symptoms can be alleviated. Luckily a lot of the pressure is taken off the body after birth! Hope you and the little one are both well 🙂 All the best, Matt Ian E.Ian E. ★★★★★ Great sevice from matt and this team would highly recommend themResponse from the ownerThanks for your kind words Ian, always a pleasure! Matt Graeme C.Graeme C. ★★★★★ Great service, knowledge and expertise from Matt and the team. Catering treatment to specific injuries, led me to a quick recovery!Franco B.Franco B. ★★★★★ Excellent. Matt is very knowledgeable, friendly and creates a very relaxed environment, while providing first class service with lots of advice on preventing as much as treating the issue. Would surely recommend to anyone.Camaron T.Camaron T. ★★★★★ Absolutely brilliant service, Matt is a very friendly and knowledgeable Osteo who helped sort out my back and neck pain. They put me at ease, and addressed not only the issues I was having but also the causes and ways to avoid and deal with these outside of treatment. Would 100% recommend to anyone having any issues with pain mobility or soreness, amazing service.Response from the ownerThanks so much Cameron, always a pleasure to treat you. Looking forward to catching up and hope you're looking after space! All the best, Matt emma P.emma P. ★★★★★ I’ve been visiting Matt for years now, initially for a back complaints but after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis I’ve been under his care again recently. I cannot recommend Matt and his lovely team enough, knowledgeable, professional with lots of follow up care and advice. Thank you!Response from the ownerHi Emma, thanks for your review, we do love working with such wonderful patients and feel very lucky to be in our position in the community. See you soon but not too soon I hope, all the best, Matt Radoslav G.Radoslav G. ★★★★★ I went there three times within 10 days and my leg problem is gone.Matthew Devonport is brilliant - very educated, skilled and someone you can trust 100% to provide the best treatment.I would highly recommend Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage to anyone.js_loader

What is your treatment style?

My treatment style is mainly structural and utilises massage, stretching, articulatory and joint manipulation techniques, but I also incorporate classical Osteopathy techniques for a gentler approach to treatment. I’m also trained in using medical acupuncture and sports taping techniques which can really help a lot of sports injuries.

After my knee and shoulder problems I enjoy making a difference to patients who are suffering with the same or similar conditions. Since we came back to work after the first lockdown I’ve also been dispensing invaluable advice regarding ergonomic posture and believe that, especially for desk workers, dealing with those maintaining factors by educating patients is crucial to prevent further injuries.

In terms of running the clinic our ethos is that we want to make sure you don’t need to come back, our goal is to get you better as quickly as possible without any block bookings or upselling products. I’m very proud of our team and it’s an honour to work alongside them, it’s wonderful hearing laughter coming from the treatment rooms when patients are enjoying their treatment!

Tell us something about yourself

My wife Keri works alongside me in the clinic and together we have a young son and daughter who we adore. Music in the clinic is a must, we even take requests – especially from metal fans.

Paddle boarding is my favourite activity and you’ll often find me on the Thames at weekends. Also, parkour is saved for showing off to my kids in the summer now; no more injuries, thanks!

Matt treating a patient at Wokingham Osteopaths and Massage

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