Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?


  • Initial Consultation (45 mins – 1 hour) – £65. Includes case history, active and passive examinations and treatment (if safe to perform).
  • Follow-up Treatment (30 mins) – £55. Includes follow up from last session, active and passive examinations and treatment (if safe to perform).

Sports Therapy

  • Initial Consultation (45 mins – 1 hour) – £59. Includes case history, active and passive examinations, treatment (if safe to perform) & rehabilitation exercises.
  • Follow-up Treatment (30 mins) – £55. Includes follow up from last session, active and passive examinations, treatment (if safe to perform) and rehabilitation exercises.

Sports Massage

  • Initial Consultation (1 hour) – £59 Includes case history and treatment
  • Follow-up Session (1 hour) – £59.
How many treatments will I require?

The number of treatments that you will require depends upon:

  • The age of the injury
  • The age of the patient
  • The nature of the injury
  • Previous medical history

and a variety of other factors. We like to see our patients a couple of times to give the body a chance to react to treatment. If you are happy with your progress we will continue treatment. Most cases take 4-6 sessions on average but this is not a guarantee. Some patients may come in for a top-up session if they feel symptoms coming back in the future.

Please be assured that we will never block book patients, treatments are booked in session-by-session unless you request it specifically.

What can I expect on my first appointment?

Firstly the Osteopath will take your case history, asking questions about your presenting complaint, the previous occurrences, your medical history and then some.

Then, with you either in your underwear or loose clothing, the Osteopath will examine you, where you will be asked to perform a series of movements. This will give them an idea of how the body is moving normally. Then the passive examination will take place with you reclining or lying on the treatment couch and as relaxed as possible. The passive examination takes the muscles out of the equation and the Osteopath will be able to examine the joints of the body more efficiently. There may be some clinical tests which take place, like reflex testing, taking your blood pressure and others.

When the Osteopath has examined you they will give you a diagnosis and discuss how it may have occurred. They will then talk about the treatment that they would like to perform and with your consent, proceed. You are free to withdraw consent at any point during the treatment and the Osteopath will stop.

Please bring with you any recent reports from scans you may have had if pertinent to the condition about which you wish to see us.

Who will treat me?

We currently have four Osteopaths working at Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage; Matthew Devonport, Keri Devonport, Alexander Evans and Mo Al-Nabhani. Suzy Holmes-Beddow provides top-tier Sports Therapy and Sports Massage.

All therapists are registered with the required governing bodies, fully insured as well as being highly qualified and experienced. Our Osteopaths have a combined total of nearly 60 years experience of treating patients.

Do I require a GP referral?

No you do not require a GP referral. Osteopaths are Primary Healthcare Practitioners so you can refer yourself. Just call us on 0118 380 0385 and discuss your case with one of our principle osteopaths, Matt Devonport or Keri Devonport, to see if treatment is appropriate for you.

Does Wokingham Osteopaths & Massage accept health insurance patients?

Yes, we do. Please be aware that you will need to confirm with your health insurance provider that the therapist you wish to see is registered with them.

Matt Devonport is registered with most healthcare insurance companies including Aviva, Cigna, Vitality, and WPA. Please be aware that you may need pre-authorisation from your healthcare insurer to first, they then will give you either a budget or a set number of treatments. Please note that it is clinic policy to accept payment from patients and provide receipts for reimbursement by the health insurance company.

We are also able to provide paid invoices for patients seeking reimbursement from the company’s cashplans such as Medicash and the like.

Does treatment hurt?

Ideally, no but the nature of our job involves discovering the cause of pain and we may need to ask patients to move in certain ways to help us to diagnose the issue.

We aim to make treatment as pain-free as possible and work within your comfort tolerances. Some treatments may be temporarily slightly irritating but patients are always made aware that if the technique being used is too uncomfortable then they can tell us to stop and we will do so immediately.

What side effects are possible?

The side effects that may occur depend upon the nature of the injury. Generally speaking the area may be tender after treatment or the previous symptoms may be aggravated temporarily, especially if the injury is inflammatory in nature.

If the injury is muscular then patients are recommended to use heat, if the issue is inflammatory we recommend patients to use heat and ice, alternating between the two for half an hour. This is known as hydrotherapy.

How soon will I be seen?

We provide treatments 5 days a week including 3 evenings as well as alternate Saturdays. We are normally able to fit patients in the same week that they call but this depends on the day they call. If we are not able to fit you in within a decent time frame we can add you to our waiting list and offer the next appointment that becomes available. If you cannot find a suitable appointment time on the online booking form please call us as we have better control over the booking system and may be able to open up a slot for you.

What payment methods does Wokingham Osteopaths accept?

Wokingham Osteopaths are able to accept card payments and cash. Unfortunately we are unable to accept BACS payments or cheques.

May I bring a chaperone?

All patients are welcome to bring one family member from the same household to act as a chaperone, unfortunately we are unable to provide one. All patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.