Back Pain

Causes of back pain

Back pain can be caused by a variety of events including lifting with poor manual handling techniques, sitting (including driving) with poor posture, simple events like coughing and sneezing, rolling over in bed or traumatic event. Age-related degeneration of the discs and vertebrae can also cause issues.

In the Wokingham Osteopaths clinic we have seen patients with lower back pain from many different causes; from lifting heavy gardening equipment to reaching for a plastic bag under the kitchen sink.

Many different lifestyle factors can contribute to back pain. How you sit in your chair, how long you sit in it, your diet and water intake levels, whether you have children (and if they are young, how you carry them), your age and your exercise levels all contribute to this condition.

Symptoms of back pain

For patients experiencing back pain, the symptoms can manifest in many different ways including
  • Stiffness,
  • Pain running down one or both legs (sciatic referral),
  • Pain upon weight bearing on one leg
  • Gluteal pain
  • Pain on coughing or sneezing
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How Wokingham Osteopaths can help your back pain

After discussing your case history, going through a physical examination and taking into account which of the above factors may be playing a role in your current condition, your osteopath will discuss the diagnosis with you before treatment.

Wokingham Osteopaths utilise a gentle combination of massage, articulation, stretches and manipulation (with consent) in order to relieve our patients of back pain.

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